Getting best Dynamic Range with OMD.

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You are correct

kstock wrote:

Exposing to the left is appropriate when using film stock because there is no way to recover any blown highlights. With today's digital technology we can now cleanly recover blown highlights. Some sensors do a better job than others. Also, with today's technology recovering underexposures introduces noise. So it is better to get as much shadow detail exposed at the risk of blowing out some highlights. The highlight recovery is much cleaner than the shadow recovery.

In texinwien's photo example, the mountains are dark in his PP photo because that is the way he chose to show that scene. He can easily pull out "clean" shadow details if he wants to represent the scene that way. It is all there in the first photo.

Ton, maybe texinwien's words put you off from hearing the message. Exposing to the left is a valid technique for film, but with digital, he is correct, exposing to the right is the best way to get the most DR out of Digital.

Here's a second quick rework of the original RAW in which I was more selective about darkening the skies while keeping the detail in the darker areas.

Note - it's just a quick touch-up to give an idea of what's possible. It's nowhere near perfect or carefully processed.



Post Processed v2:

Here I've darkened the bright skies and increased their saturation without obscuring shadow detail.

Post Processed v1:

Original post-processed version. Note, anyone who says the shadow detail is 'lost' is either misspeaking or is highly uninformed. I chose to discard some of that information in this particular output image, but the information is still available in the original RAW, if I want to make use of it.

ETTR if you want to maximize DR with your OM-D. ETTL if you're comfortable with truly losing shadow detail without gaining anything in return.


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