Regrettably rx1 returning.

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Re: Too bad

Who is talking about a large DSLR with interchangeable lenses. Your comment was about a comparison of a camera you admit you don't own, but have "used enough" when comparing it to I guess another camera you don't own, namely the RX-1.

So other than trying or playing or whatever you did with it you are recommending one over the other.  Hey, that may be fine in your personal decision of which camera to buy over the other, but hardly gives you any credence of giving a legitimate opinion of one versus the other.

I on the other hand own an M9 + 50 Summilux for close to two years, waited 3 months to get the 50 Sum because I love the lens and despite my love for the camera, tried and bought an RX-1 actually own and use both and can unequivocally state the output from the RX-1 has better IQ and dynamic range-not even in the same league.

I also agree the RX-1 camera is not a replacement for something like a Canon 5d II like you are now comparing it to.

My point was your irrelevant comments comparing two cameras, neither one you own.  That is "my problem".

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