Getting best Dynamic Range with OMD.

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texinwien wrote:

tom60634 wrote:

You're correct no blown highlights, but the shadow detail has disappeared and your mid tones have become murky. I don't see any useful information that this example provides.

Riiiight. The shadow detail hasn't "disappeared," as you can plainly see in the OOC RAW file.

It seems you're complaining about the way I chose to post-process the image in LightRoom, where I applied -3.33 stops of exposure compensation and a medium contrast curve, turning the forested area on the mountain quite dark, as it actually was when I took the photo.

The useful information here is that your decades-old technique is no longer current, and is throwing away multiple stops of dynamic range on the OM-D while gaining absolutely no advantage. That's the useful info. Accept it if you'd like and get more out of your nice camera. Or remain arrogant, refuse to see the truth and continue getting 9 stops of DR out of your 12.3 stop camera. Your choice.


All you've shown is that the ettr technique was not necessary for this particular shot.

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