help me buy a good slr camera

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Re: help me buy a good slr camera

jaison007 wrote:

can anybody help me to buy a SLR camera. I am in entry level stage for SLR cameras.

Pls. help me.

Good Morning Jason. I pretty much agree with everyone here. You need to let us know a budget. Then tell us what type of images you feel passionate about learning how to take. Do you want to be an artist or do you just want to record the moment for Facebook? Are you willing to spend the time and money needed to learn this craft and art? Are you willing to read the books and articles online needed to master exposure and such? Do you have a passion? Are you a technical type person or an artistic type? Could you learn the other?

When you buy an SLR, you're buying into a camera system as a tool for this craft. If you become passionate, you'll want more and better tools and accessories. Considering this system approach can make a big difference in what you choose to start out with.

Making the wrong decision now can be costly down the road. What this means is lookng past the goofy funzy features many entry level cameras have and looking closer at the type things that really contribute in helping you take better images. For example, art filters, sepia tones, built in HDR effects and so much more do not help you take better images. They are just toys. A quality pentaprism viewfinder, a good selection of lenses, solid support are things that can help you take better images.

Always remember, the most important feature to help you create compelling images is you, the photographer. That's the difference between a washed out crappy snapshot and a good significant image. That take time and creativity to learn how to achieve. You need to learn the science and the art of photography together with equal importance. That makes photography somewhat harder to learn well than some other forms of art. Remember always, that image is your creation if it is done well, not a slice or Xerox of reality.

You have to learn how to previsualize what you want before you start:

  • Previsualize or conceptualize your creation
  • Set up everything at the right place and time to maximize your chances
  • Press the shutter button
  • Bring it alive at home in your digital darkroom (post production software)
  • Learn and try again

That's the path to success over just wandering around looking for a picture. God places a lot of those type images around, but you'd do better creating your own and trying to capture his. His are meant for your eyes.

So answer some of the above questions and many of us will give their opinions as to a good strarter camera and lens. My idea would be to start with just one lens and one camera and master that first while learning photography before jumping in a getting a lot of gear you don't know how to use.

I'd start with something like a Nikon D5100 with an 18-105 VR lens, but there are plenty other choices and other brands that work well.

Jason, welcome to our world and have fun. Promise?

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Cheers, Craig
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