New DSLR for Macro Photography?

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Re: New DSLR for Macro Photography?

Shaz2013 wrote:

Hi there,

Would be grateful for some kind advice as to options on what DSLR to choose for a beginner in Macro Photography. Essentially I have budget around £300 to start off with.

I have seen many cameras and reviews on the sites like Amazon, but it's really confusing, and macro lens options are even more of a mystery at the moment.

If there is DSLR camera option out there that has a good macro capability I would be happy to consider and build upon this in future.

Many thanks indeed


As Chris said, your budget is not sufficent. If you want it on the cheap, price out the following used.

Nikon d90 (or d300 or d5000) and a Tamron 90mm f2.8 and a decent ballhead tripod (ideally add a macro slide).

The reason I suggested Nikon is that this generation of Nikon is better then their competitors at lower light (higher ISO). Higher ISO will make it easier to get a properly exposed image since at macro level lighting is a major concern.

The Tamron is the best value of the bargain macros. It is 1:1 and very affordable.

Things like extension tubes on conventional lenses do not deliver as good image quality they effectively cause you to use a smaller portion of the glass. You can use them on macro lenses with better results as the resolution of the macro lens is higher to begin with.

If your budget is fairly strict, get a point and shoot with a macro mode instead.

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