Just finished a short film shot on hacked GH2, feedback appreciated!

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Re: Just finished a short film shot on hacked GH2, feedback appreciated!

Birk Binnard wrote:

Nice job for a zero-budget film. Just a couple of points:

1. Some strobing effects in the outside night scenes

2. At the bar they leave their drinks untouched

3. White balance is off between day & night scenes

4. Great visuals in/around the old power plant

5. Vertical wipe transition is out of place

6. Very clever/cute ending - nice job with the ad in the magazine

Do you know about dvxuser.com? Lots of good info there from indy people.

Thanks for the kind words and insightful/perceptive comments (nice catch on the drinks), Birk.

I was a bit shocked by the strobing in the outdoor night scenes... I thought that using a 1/50 shutter speed would have prevented that (China being a 50Hz country), but in further testing, I've found that for whatever reason, the only way to prevent it is to drop down to a 360 degree shutter and shoot at 1/25.

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