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Re: Digital or film? Can you tell?

ZorSy wrote:

IceShot wrote:

This is just a fun experiment I wanted to try.. and if you don't think there is a point to it technically speaking, do it at least for my enjoyment lol.

We are pleased you had so much fun, yet as other poster pointed, either is now digital.

Ok?? That really doesn't matter and it was obvious to anyone with a brain cell the idea was to distinguish which was shot by which.

Which pics do you think are film and which are digital? Some have been post processed with sharpening/cropping/resizing etc.

Right! Let's make things more confusing and introduce random prove what?

Not to prove anything, don't take it so seriously.

If you can tell one is film, can you also tell what type/brand?

And should we also guess what track from which album of what author you were listening when processing the scans done by guess-what-brand scanner? Get real man. If you want to prove something or have some statement to make, say it. This kind of childish games is utterly pointless.

I will tell you answers as soon as you guess how many matches are left in the red matchbox I have on my desk.....I can send you the picture of the box, if that helps (though "red" already helps a lot).

You may have "Ice" in your forum name - that still doesn't make you "cool".

Cheers, mate. It was 44°C in Sydney today and that is hot!

You take things too seriously.. It's pointless to YOU, not me. So if everything is pointless to YOU should nothing be posted as well?

And 4.

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