Pixma Pro 100 prints are too dark

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Re: Pixma Pro 100 prints are too dark

coder01 wrote:

TomHJ wrote:

1) Without monitor calibration, what you think of as turning the brightness down may not be sufficient. Monitor brightness for photo printing is a lot less than you might be used to! Are your results different from a prior printer?

2) I may be wrong, but it sounds as though you aren't using printer/paper-specific ICC profiles. To do so, have Photoshop control the color management, with the correct ICC profile (your printer comes with ones for Canon papers; most third-party papers provide ones that are specific to your printer). Then--equally important!--in your Pro-100 properties, turn off color management (via Main--Color Intensity--Manual--Matching--None).

I have the Pixma Pro 100, and my prints are, consistently, very close to what I expect them to be, based on the monitor (with or without "soft proofing"). I use Lightroom, but believe the Photoshop adjustments should be essentially the same.


Thanks for the suggestions.

Actually I am printing on Red River paper thus far and I use all of their corresponding ICC profiles. I have been very careful with that, to choose the correct ones.

I "think" the printer control is shut off. I followed directions whereby when I go to print I check the color settings (on a mac) and they are all gray , i.e. no changes allowed) which supposedly indicates that the printer controls are disabled.

I have not actually gone into the Pro-100 properties and turned off the color management as my understanding is photoshop elements is turning it off with the steps I follow. However, I may be wrong with that and will try that step next time I print.

What confuses me however is on test prints where I allow photoshop to adjust the photo to what it thinks is ideal and then it is controlling the printing, shouldnt the picture look fine ? Photoshops automatic controls are not dependent on what the monitor is showing are they ?

My last printer was by no means a photo printer so I have nothing to compare. This is my first venture into printing large images myself. Perhaps I will have to cave and purchase a calibration device. I am trying to avoid that.

I don't know about MAC but in Windows, there is no such thing as Photoshop CSx or Elements being able to turn off color management automatically in the printer driver. You must do this by hand!

You PRO100 prints should be BRILLIANT!!!! Anything less and you are doing something wrong along the line.

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