Best Macro Lens for D800E

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pthoutex wrote:

I bought the Nikon 200mm f/4 Micro last month, but I returned it. Basically I think I would have to use a tripod to use it, I was having trouble getting a good sharp focus on my D800. I was getting blurry shots, and on those that I got sharp focus, it was too narrow, and i was using f/11. A friend of mine that have the same lens told me that he always focus manually and use a tripod. But I was taking pictures of butterflies in the butterfly house, and they were too active flying around! I didn't have this problem with my 70-180mm Micro.

I just returned it and asked to exchange it with the 105mm f2.8 VR Micro. I have not received the lens yet.

Since the need to use a Tripod was the reason you returned the 2000, you'll likely be returning that 105  too.  You need to use a tripod to get good macro shots.  It is extremely difficult to get quality macro shots without one.  If on the other hand you only want/need 1:3-1:4 closeup shots, get any number of lenses and skip the macro.  Just pay attention to minmum focus distance and max magnification (or reproduction ratio).  For butterflys you want a longer MFD as the added working distance will keep you from scaring them away.

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