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Re: Digital or film? Can you tell?

Roberto de La Tour wrote:

IceShot wrote:

This is just a fun experiment I wanted to try.. and if you don't think there is a point to it technically speaking, do it at least for my enjoyment lol.

Which pics do you think are film and which are digital? Some have been post processed with sharpening/cropping/resizing etc.

If you can tell one is film, can you also tell what type/brand?

I am not sure. It's years and years I do first film (including B&W darkroom) then digital, but I am not experienced enough in digital PP and technique to tell. But one way would be, if the scan is very high resolution (and maybe if we are talking of 400 ASA film), crop/enlarge until you see the grain. You need very high scan resolution, because if not the pixelisation would appear before the grain.

Digital ones would just show pixelisation.

Not sure how to do that with these web-posted pictures.

My upload speed is slow so I couldn't upload all high res, if there are a few you want to check out let me know and I'll upload full res

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