Who's got the F43AM on a 6?

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Re: Who's got the F43AM on a 6?

tn1krr wrote:

I have Nex-6 + 43 combo. Works perfectly with ADP-MAA adapter, TTL/HSS etc. work perfectly too, I think I tested HSS with 1/4000. I recently found some other good things about 43: it has minimum flash duration of 1/38 000 s ==> it is a very good flash for high speed motion stopping stuff I'm planning to test with my 6; for example older 58 can only do around 1/10 000 s.

Also, 43 cooperates nicely in Wireless mode with the Metz 58 AF-2 (another good/fast flash for Sony, with min duration of 1/33000 s) I received yesterday. Tested CTRL+ mode yesterday evening with TTL ratio controls and manual mode and still everything works perfectly. Used Metz as Wireless master yesterday but I have no reason to believe (gonna test over the weekend) that reversing the roles would be any different. Nicely rotating heads in both Sony and Metz makes it quite easy to maintain line of sight needed for wireless stuff and extendable TTL cable makes it easy to move the controller from the camera to a better position.

SInce I see that you have some exp. with Metz, do you think that Metz 44 AF-1 will work as good as Sony HVL43AM? I am thinking to buy it + ADP-MAA because it is 60% of the price of sony in my country.



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