Sony RX100 vs Canon S110 - pocketability assessment

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Re: Sony RX100 vs Canon S110 - pocketability assessment

Agreed Jerry, I would never carry the RX100 very far in my Shirt Pocket or the S95 for that matter, gave the S90 to my Daughter In Law and she does well with it….yes the S90 and S95 are classics in my book, just excellent all around P&S cam's...

Yeah, they were the real replacements for the large sensor IXUS models like the S400/500, 900Ti etc . I got a real good S90 back then with a perfect lens (no decentering like some had) and no rear dial issues , stuck the Franiec grip on and still have it now, use it lfor when I need a true pocket camera with the benefit of trouble free RAW ..

The RX100 seems to be much like a modern 24Mp version of the same thing and looks superb but with Sony's typically awful NR loaded JPG engine at base ISO (even on APS stuff - I have NEX) and my RAW converter, Capture one V5 not even supporting the DNG'd Files (despite having no issues with the latest SONY NEX and DSLR files) sadly it`s a no go .. I can`t even upgrade my RAW converter to Capture one V7 as it doesn`t support Windows XP so to get an RX100 I`d need to buy a new RAW converter, a new Windows OS to run it on and likely a new C drive as well -  £400`s worth of "24Mp S90" just isn`t worth the hassle :-(.

I`ll stick with the S90 til it breaks - then maybe I`ll have updated the whole computer

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