K30 no AA Filter?

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Re: K30 no AA Filter?

awaldram wrote:

Your a cynical lot

I think rather web histrionics on how much damage AA filter does is blown out of all proportion.

The removal of the aa filter in a well configured camera is subtle rather than glaring.

For 99% of user buying a camera without an AA filter is foolhardy and will detract from there pictures.

The 'but not me feeling' will lead a much higher proportion to buy the k5iis wasting money and a having the opposite affect on their photography than they hoped.

Pentax have never been over zealous on the filter and have an admirable record of delivering the best compromise for best general performance.

I can see only a few very specific type of shooting where an aa les camera deliver <60mp would give and advantage.

The time is coming when aa filters will be a thing of the past but you need sub 5micron pixel density IMO which no camera hits yet to really get the advantage.

Again its a double edged sword as diffraction may mean that we will never see more detail from the removal of AA filter than we do today.

PS I'm in the 'but not me' gang and think I could use an aa less camera to my advantage, Luckily my bank manager disagrees

I'm not -- at least not yet. The miniscule amount of blur introduced by AA filters is visible on a sharply focused photograph only at full resolution, and even then you have to get up close and look really closely in many cases. And there are multiple techniques in Photoshop (probably Lightroom, too -- still haven't installed mine, since I'm still procrastinating on my new build that will cannibalize part of my current build and I don't want to waste my license on my current build).

At any rate, I strongly suspect that the moire issue which results from producing digital cameras without an AA filter installed will likely be mostly or entirely eliminated within another cycle or two of manufacturing upgrades via advances in either camera hardware, software, firmware or a combination. Fuji CLAIMS they solved the issue by creating an RGB sensor with "random" distribution of the reds, blues and greens, rather than the Bayer pattern, but I haven't read any independent verification of that (the "article" I read that in was an 8-page ADVERTORIAL with the words "in cooperation with Fuji" -- or something very similar -- on the top of every page, in the British magazine Digital Photo, so that was certainly NOT an unbiased report, although the full-crop of a woman's eye they showed certainly looked razor sharp with no moire, so if they really didn't pull any image manipulation tricks, they may have something).

Doesn't matter to me, since I've got too much invested in Pentax to switch. I'll wait to see where Pentax goes with its own future implementations. Not too impressed with what I've seen in reviews for the price/performance for either the K-5II or the IIs. I'd likely get another regular K-5 or a K-30 as a second camera, and had been considering this even BEFORE I saw Ozdean's post here just tonight.

In many ways, the K-30 is starting to look like the best bang-for-the-buck you can get from Pentax at present, at $600 or less for body only, and if you want that 18-135 WR lens with it, you save almost $200 off what you'd pay buying it alone. If I didn't already have a DA* 18-50, and the WR DFA 100 Macro, and an older FA 2.8 135, plus the 55-300, I might jump on that. But at this point, with the new 18-250/270/300 crops of lenses getting popular and looking pretty good, if I go that direction, I'll likely get one of them -- even if I sacrifice WR in the process, something I rarely need, anyway.

As for the K-30, who else thinks I'm right? Is it the best bang-for-the-buck from Pentax right now -- especially if you already have a K-5? I DON'T like having only one camera (my backup is an all-in-one 20X Canon that's several years old, one with the 1/1.7" sensors on it -- NOT what I'd like to depend on if my main camera quit just as I was in the middle of the best light of the month, etc.).


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