Your 16mm (SEL16F28) examples...

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Re: Your 16mm (SEL16F28) examples...

Thanks to all for providing feedback, and some excellent examples. I thought it was important to give some positive feedback on this lens, as it tends to get lost with all of the negative reviews and moaning about corner sharpness. If pixel-level details are required, then I would happily advise the 10-18mm, which is a great lens.

However, if that's too much to splurge on, I would then recommend the 16mm & UWA. It's a cheap, lightweight and fantastic combo, on any NEX-7. It's not perfect, sure... but we can find faults with anything.

nzmacro wrote:

Phew, that first shot is just incredible IMO. Love the lighting and the architecture, amazing to see it lit up like this !!. Can't knock the exposure and a good example of the lens.

Second shot just hits you with that spot lighted green. Both seem darn sharp at the original size here at DPR. You really need to check the original to see the details and they are fine.

All the best Martin, must say great shooting as well.

Thank you, Danny! I am not even sure if I have downscaled these images, though I could check. I know at the 100% level I am very pleased with them.

As time goes on, I feel more and more like I made the right decision not to spend my money on a 5dmkiii. My NEX goes from compact, to SLT, to rangefinder within a day's shooting. Love it.

Keep up the good work, everyone! Please keep posting your great examples.


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