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AllOtherNamesTaken wrote:

Herman Dijkhuis wrote:

Plse advice, thanks in advance. (shooting pictures)


1) Pixel mapping y/n , what does it do?

Maps out hot/stuck pixels which typically show up at higher ISO's as a green or red dot. I would definitely leave that on.

2) Shutter button AE lock on/off

When on, a half press of the shutter will lock focus as well as exposure settings (Useful for focus & recompose style shooting)

3) Assign AE/AF button

You can make it lock the expsosrue, lock the focus, lock both, or any number of other customizable features. Up to you.

4) Slot empty release lock

Lets you choose if you want the camera to take a picture without a memory card in it or not. You should set it to off so you never realize you have no memory card after it's too late.


1) built-in AF assist

AF assist light on or off in low light? Up to you. Focus will be better, but light can be annoying.

2) Face priority AF

Are you shooting people or not? If so, turn it on if you wish for casual snaps. It works very well.

3) AF area mode

Use Single or Subject Tracking depending on what you're shooting

4) Vibration reduction

Useful below 1/500 or so.

5) Hi ISO noise reduction

ALWAYS OFF. Software is always better than the camera if you wish to use noise reduction.

6) Long exposure nr

Up to you, it will take a lot longer to write images to the card but helps remove noise in long exposures. It uses dark frame subtraction to help with noise (different than regular NR).

7) Active D-lighting

Up to you. It exposes for the highlights and then applies a curve to increase the visible dynamic range of the image (protects highlights and pumps the shadows a bit).

8) Color space

This setting does not affect RAW. Leave it in sRGB for JPEG (default).

9) Cusom picture control

Up to you

10) ISO sensivity

I don't like auto ISO, I just set whatever I want.

11) Metering

Matrix unless the situation calls for center weighted or spot (i.e. smaller subjects which have backlighting will probably be too hard for the matrix meter to deal with if they don't take up enough of the frame).

12) Shutter type

Mechanical unless you need more than 5 FPS or a completely silent shutter. Your maximum flash sync speed is also in mechanical.

13) Continues

I wanna shoot 1 picture when shutter button is pressed.

How to set Function button to shoot 10 frames/second after pressing it?

Set the shutter to Electronic HI, and select 10 FPS as well as continuous autofocus.

I do look forward hearing from you, thanks!

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Best regards, Herman
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Thanks for your GREAT support !

I will re- setup my camera.

Best regards, Herman

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Best regards, Herman
Twitter @hermandijkhuis

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