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Sean Nelson wrote:

iGirl wrote:

Think about it - would you rather buy a $1200 Sony HDTV or a $999 Dungfloo TV of the same size?

Sony's loosing money on every TV it sells. An awful lot of people are choosing Samsung instead, and they're choosing them because they're cheaper. Most people aren't perceiving enough benefit in the Sony name or features to justify paying the significantly higher price.

The camera game is different - Sony and Panasonic have both been out-innovating the traditional camera manufacturers. They're still struggling to get their market share up, though.

It's a tough time to be an electronics manufacturer.

Pretty much man. I have a 51" samsung plasma 3D, and it was only 900USD when I bought it. I also have a SG3 phone, and now a Pana x900m camcorder. Sony is doing well with stills cameras I think, as well as video, but panasonic is like samsung, they offer a whole lot for the price.

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