So, I'm jumping this wagon. Any advice?

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Re: So, I'm jumping this wagon. Any advice?

Thank you Daniel. The AF-discussion is a good read, I have to bookmark it to dvelve further into the quirks. Alltough, I kind of saw that one coming, since the camera won't allow me to fiddle with the af-points in A-mode. Well, I shoot and recompose usually. But the it would be nice to rely on AF for a change. God knows 5D2 couldnt be trusted sans the center point.

After a full day out and about with the camera, it seems that the white balance seems to get very confused sometimes with wintery scenes, ie. lots of white with mixed colors in the sky. I'm getting a lot of bluish tint. Not a problem really, I can always go manual.

And the metering... yeah. I've settled on slight overexposing. DR is so huge that small errors are easy to correct. And big ones too, I'm yet to see any banding.

I'm getting the flash in a week or so. Can the ITTL be trusted in your experience? I know ETTL on Canon was a hit and miss, I usually resorted to manual exposure.

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