If you had to start from scratch, what would you do?

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Robert Holloway
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Re: If you had to start from scratch, what would you do?

Hi there,

This might be an impossible question. So much depends on your shooting interests and budget.

An example - my ex girlfriend is about to sell her Canon 5D2 and lenses and get a Fuji mirrorless system - the replacement x100. her shooting evolved and she does not want the heft of a DSLR

Another example - I have stuck with the 5D2 and invested in Canon L primes 35/50 and 85 shortly.  i just love shooting primes versus zooms.

Neither of the above solutions are correct, they just suit the individual.

In my humble opinion the Nikon / Canon full frame debate is all blather, as the differences are minute and each manufacturer keeps moving the goal posts. the 5D3 and the D800 will, in essence, be the same camera to the vast majority of users.

My personal angle is that I prefer a very good camera with awesome fast primes, versus a great camera and an f4 zoom.  Personal preference.

Shooting sport versus landscapes - different needs

So what to say?

I can't rally help you, sorry


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