Inconsistent Exposure with Flash ETTL

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Re: Problem solved.. Sigma Flash was the cause

bullet1 wrote:

madhu0 wrote:

I borrowed a Canon 430 EXII from another friend and tested the same. It never showed the problem that was experienced when I used the Sigma. It is working the way that is expected...

Thank you very much for your help and suggestions..

I am thinking of getting a 430 EXII. I am able to get that from some internet retailers for $220.

One thing I found is Canon does not have an equivalent model as Nikon SB-700.


I am glad you found the cause.

What does the Nikon SB-700 have that the Canon 600EX-RT or old 580EX II does not have?

Simple - lower price  

SB-700 is almost at the level of  580exii with less price.

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