DK-17m + DK-19 -> Works great on D800

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Re: DK-17m + DK-19 -> Works great on D800

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this is often mentioned but I am really surprised how much better this combo works on the D800. I had it on the D700 but somehow did I still had difficulties with MF. On the D800 it seems somehow very easy now with this combo. Even with my 50 1.2 AI-S at 1.2 I can MF perfect.I am happy that I tried it out again since my DK-17m was not used for a long time.

Go try it out



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Not doubting this, but can you explain this...The D800 focus screen only allows preview of dof at f/2.8, unless you have changed the focus screen in the camera. Therefore, manually focusing you are pretty much just relaying on the rangefinder confirmation dot's which in this case, the magnifier isn't really doing that much. If you get what I mean, if the camera only shows f/2.8 then you cannot use your eye to manually focus shots that are wider, aperture wise.

It depends on the lens and the agle of the light rays. For 50 it should be between 2 and 2.8. For the 85 it is between 1.4 and 2.

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