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Re: GH3 EVF + Weight & Girth

Francis Carver wrote:

sea_dragon wrote:

There seens to be 3 separate EVF issues being discussed:

1. Optical magnifier causing smearing.

2. Low resolution image.

3. Innacurate colors.

Which issue has Panasonic supposedely addressed by switching suppliers?

Okay, so folks keep referring to the EVF and rear screen as "LCD," although in the GH3's specifications I thought I saw something that these things -- i.e. both the viewfinder and the rear screen -- are the supposedly superior OLED, and not LCD.

It's more convenient to refer to it the way it has been for a while, rather than be technically correct about rear screen composition.

I saw a small Sony OLED display recently in NY, I was not blown away by it, seemed not as bright as the LCD. It might be as "huge" of an improvement for on-camera viewing as having xenon HID headlamps in a vehicle instead of halogens.

Have you actually looked at any cameras or even cell phones recently?  Half of them are OLED screens now, and brightness is quite good on them.  No matter the technology, it's all in the implementation anyway....

Based on the things going on and on the general lack of wide availability of GH3 from Panasonic, they must be doing SOMETHING to the GH3. A safe bet would probably be to wait until April and get the camera with an April 2013 (or later) date stamp (if there is such a date stamp on the box). Otherwise need to follow serial numbers somehow.

Why do you assume they are doing anything to it?  The GH2 was even less available right after release; it did not get really widely available for almost 9 months after it was announced.  
Remember, this is an expensive camera with a much smaller target audience and far more limited distribution channels than your average Canikon or Sony product.  It is in Panasonic's interest to keep supply in track with demand, and correctly gauge the market for the product.  I would venture to say that this is how most manufacturers of similar products are running these days.....if you think back to the Sony NEX 7, it was MONTHS before that appeared in stores...and the Nikon D7000 was also in quite short supply early in its run.  You can't assume anything about the product just by the activity in its initial supply channels.....

Other thing, I know the GH3 is a large and hefty gal, almost as large if not larger as some of the DSLRs. But it looks like the weight is up there, too. 550 grams for the GH3, and only 220 grams more for a full-frame 35mm sensor DSLR (Canon 6D) that has, besides the much larger sensor, a large mirror, and mirror motor, and so on.

550 grams is the heaviest M43.  However it is very well balanced in hand, and it simply handles quite well. Once you take into account lens weight, it is still a considerably smaller and lighter system to carry around.  However, if you want a full frame camera, then by all means you should get one, and not worry about the weight.

Anyhow, as long as Panasonic is on top of the situation, all will be well in due course, I'm sure. Nikon, Fujifilm, etc, well they all had "birth issues" w. various model cameras recently. The mad rush to market is getting epidemic.

All IS well. You just want an excuse to naysay rather than actually buy anything. You seem to need to come up with all sorts of reasons to not buy a camera, by taking other people's personal experiences and comments about the product and extrapolating them into huge problems with the product in your mind....and then getting upset because once you have blown everything up like this, you can't understand why Panasonic is not recalling the cameras to fix such a terrible mishmash of awful problems.  Fact: The camera is fine.  It's a really nice product.  No camera is perfect, and if you wait for one that is, you will never buy anything.

My advice: Go to a camera store.  If there isn't one near you, travel to where there is.  Look at whatever models they have that are in your list of ones you are interested in.  Bring your laptop with you, take some photos, download them, and go somewhere for an hour or so and work with the files.  Figure out which camera does what you want it to, and which one handles the way you like best.  Buy it.  Go home and take photos.  End of story.

If they do not have the GH3 and you want one, buy it from a dealer who gets it in stock.  Evaluate it yourself.  Keep it if you like it, or return or sell it if you don't.   Make your own judgement about the product, and stop this endless stream of hand-wringing that you are displaying on this and other forums about your future camera purchase.  It's not helpful, not necessary, and it gets old really quickly.


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