A99 worthy over A77?

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Re: A99 worthy over A77?

Michel J wrote:

Tariag wrote:

Thank you for this interesting list. But I have to admit that most of them don't interest me... And I'm not sure that the sensor improvements worth the extra 1500€ (that's the cost of a d600 body!)

So maybe an A77 + D600 could be an interesting combo instead of an A99...

Why is needed to:

  • persist with the wrong idea of the A77 since we know about flash issue and because it's totally obsolete with his limitations since the A99 appear on the market. Maybe you don't know about the fact that the A77 is unable to switch OFF the noise reduction and many things like this. All that don't make the A77 an option, except if 12 fps is required). Period.

I waited a while (and 3 or 4 drafts) before responding to this..  I am not sure if you recognize what a condescending tone this takes.  Ultimately, you are saying anyone who chooses the A77 must be stupid, as we do not realize the ultimate wonders that await us if we choose the A99 instead.  Sorry.. but not all of us have the same needs, are looking for the same results, have the same amount of disposable income.. etc.  I would not fault someone for choosing the A57 or an A200.. or a used Cybershot off Craigslist if it worked for them, hit their budget and allowed them to have and share memories of cherished subjects..

Anyway, I find the pros and cons list as thoughtfully written by Mr. Porter much more informative, with a straightforward approach to strengths and weaknesses of both cameras which allow the OP the option to weigh what is important to him and make a decision based on his particular needs and budget, rather than your approach.

  • have two lens mount with two different battery pack (since we know the A77 and A99 is the same). With your combo, what if one of your D-SLR/T need to go to customer service (or you await for the generation next...)
  • buy a combo (since we know the A99 itself is a better replacement of both (A77+A99))
  • choose the D600 over the A99, since we know Hasselblad is strarting up to announce his own A-mount FF soon (later this year what can show the trend...)
  • to consider about the WB made in Nikon, since we know is not the best one (according to the minoltian heritage and the collaboration with Hassy) and so on...

Oh my... Ok, assume your choice, but don't come to cry later... as many....

So, do not worry, it was my choice, you will never hear me come cry later..  I will be too busy out unabashedly enjoying my A77 (flawed as it apparently must be) and sharing my pictures with my family and friends over a laugh and a glass of wine..


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