Choosing a ''No nonsense'' DSLR - why so hard? Advice needed (please)

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Re: Choosing a ''No nonsense'' DSLR - why so hard? Advice needed (please)

Hey everybody,

I'm truly staggered at how friendly and generous these replies have been, thank you. Some great points have been raised and I'd like to tell you that I bought the D7000 (read on for a great story)!

Originally I was going to gain as much info on the camera models as I could and wait for at least 1 - 2 months before I bought anything, and thanks to your responses I think I got some useful insights. However I found a deal which had to be taken (quite literally).

So, 3pm I have a look at the D7000 price on a local CD/Electronic website, and phone the store immediately to confirm the price. They check with their management, and apparently the price had been entered wrong by somebody - someone who worked in the company's head-quarters! The price was for the D7000 body, the DX 18-105mm kit lens, and a 4GB class 6 SD card.  They held the price for me (and me only) and said they'd be contacting the head offices to have the price changed this afternoon. So I rushed to the store, bought the combo deal as promised, and sure enough by the time I got home the price I'd seen online had increased by almost $90 USD (equivalent).

I was gob-smacked, and saved well over $330 USD (equivalent) as the camera was already on special.

Cheers for your input everybody... now... any recommended lenses/upgrades?

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