Sigma 19mm and 30mm, both lenses for $200 total

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Re: Sigma 19mm and 30mm, both lenses for $200 total

Marla wrote:

JLBROWN3 wrote:

Trying to figure out just why I need these. But 2 lenses for $200, I may order just because it's such a good deal.

Yes, I can relate! I had the same thought. And I caved.

I ordered the "kit" and B&H said it should be in (it's backordered) in about 7-10 days. I'm really looking forward to these lenses. So far I've only used Oly and Panasonic on my OMD.

I've used a Sigma before on the E-M5. A Sigma 28mm f/2.8 Super Mini Wide OM.

It's a great lens, but it's stuck on the OM-2n more often these days so I don't mind getting on with a bit of progress and having AF on the MFT bodies.

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