E-PL5 - eight things I don't like about you.....

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Re: E-PL5 - eight things I don't like about you.....

These are the gripes I have about E-pl5 -

1. It is difficult to grip properly with a heavy lens like the 25/1.4 on it. Will try out a the mcg-2 grip and see if that helps. The resting place for thumb is too weak. I guess if you have slender fingers you may not have any problem with this camera. Anyways, this is not a big pain point for me as I know this is a price I have to pay for the benefits of this small size.

2.The selection wheel is a real problem though. I don't know if I have a defective copy, maybe you guys can help me out but I've been facing this issue - Whenever I rotate the selection wheel and bring it to stop, if I happen to even gently touch the dial without turning it the selections in the menu flip back and forth between the previous and next values very fast. The switching back and forth of the selection happens very fast like 4 times a second when I just gently touch the selection wheel after having rotated it already. This irritates me and happens about 8 times out of 10 when I use the wheel by rotating it. Seems to me like when I rotate the wheel to a particular slot, it rests in a place which can easily go back and forth between the previous value. The only solution to this that I see is use the "up-down-left-right" buttons on the wheel instead of rotating the wheel. very sad way to use it though.

apart from that I don't have any major issues with the E-pl5 but the second point makes me question whether spending the premium over the E-pm2 was worth it.

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