Pixma Pro 100 prints are too dark

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Re: Pixma Pro 100 prints are too dark

coder01 wrote:

I have adjusted monitor settings to canon's recommendations to make up for the very white white of a computer monitor, and turned down the brightness.

I do not own a monitor calibration device.

What does not make sense to me is that with the brightness turned down and allowing photoshop elements to do a smart fix, it chooses color and brightness, wouldn't one expect that output to be good ?

Photoshop is not taking monitor settings into account when it does an automated smart fix does it ?

Even after a automated color and brightness adjustment I still always increase brightness of the print to 30 in photoshops settings, so image looks brighter than I would want.

Image still on dark side , varying from slight but acceptable to needing to reprint.

Any ideas on this , thanks for your help.

Your first step should be reading to understand color management and color spaces. Search for "sRGB" and you'll find extremely valuable information in this forum.

Second, you need to accept the fact that properly calibrating your monitor(s) is a requirement if you are interested in getting acceptable prints from your post-processed pictures.

By-passing this is just going to frustrate you... There has been numerous posts like yours here, most of them ended up happily right after OPs purchased a monitor calibration tool.

Once you have your monitors calibrated, your next step will be to master (understand) the use of ICC profiles specifically built for your printer/ink/paper combinations. You can either get these form paper manufacturers (for a given printer and its OEM ink), or built them by yourself.

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