Pls. help choose: K-01 vs Canon G1X vs Sony rx100

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Re: Pls. help choose: K-01 vs Canon G1X vs Sony rx100

DM2011 wrote:

Thanks for the info everyone. I am not really interested in bokeh - for my kind of pictures the sharper and more detailed (landscapes and general scenery) the better. However, the comments about the G1X do make me rethink it being that it appears the K01 is cheaper, faster, and better IQ. How does the Sony rx100 IQ compare to the G1X's in your (anyone's) opinion?

It does not have to be 'pocketable'. I will be carrying it in a small bag regardless of size. However, weight/size is a consideration since we hike a lot.

I know past trips have made us conclude that what we are able to produce with the cameras at our level of experience makes it not worth toting several big lenses, swapping them constantly, worrying about sensor dust, protecting the expensive equipment, etc. I think a 'normal' fast prime (the 40?) on the K01 would be fine most of the time, and I would be willing to carry one wide-ish prime if not too expensive. We will be going places that I doubt we will ever see again so I don't want to sacrifice too much IQ - not sure if the RX100 would cut it or not.

The stabilization on the G1X is very good. To my eyes the K01 is as good if not better.

The G1X has great quality. As good as most DSLR's which don't have the Sony 16 MP chip.

There is no good, cheap, wide prime for Pentax from Pentax and the 40 is too long. I shoot the FA limiteds and the 43 is barely in the 'normal' range. The DA 15 or the fa20 will get you really wide or you can stitch.

The quality with the limited lenses can't be equalled anywhere near the price. The Zeiss for NEX is $1,000 and not better than the FA limiteds.

The RX100 is not in the same quality bracket at the other two cameras. Look at tests anywher.  As soon as you're beyond base ISO you'll be far behind the others. The K01 is amazing shot RAW at high ISO. The G1X starts to fall apart at ISO 800. the K01 is a stop faster and gives you access to glass with an extra stop. That means you can get ISO 800 quality at ISO 3200 compared to the Canon. The Sony cannot compete.

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