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Contact Cone....

Rkelac wrote:

Petruska wrote:

Sal Baker wrote:

Interesting. The manufacturer's website (Neomark) says their encapsulated pigment inks are "supplied to professional photographers, billboard sign printing plants, and mostly aftermarket manufacturers of inkjet cartridges." Sounds like their business extends beyond just Inkjetmall.

Hi Bob,
The formulas at Neomark which we invented, and which Neomark carries the production for us, are available exclusively in the World by InkjetMall or its distributors.
Best regards,

Bob P.

Does the "its" in "its distributors" refer to InkjetMall or Neomark?

or Neomark and ask them!

I use Cone, both dye and pigment exclusively.  I also have a lot of Image Specialists, OCP, InkRepublic inks.

I have done a lot of testing with all the inks and they all have great color matching to OEM, but do benefit from custom ICC profiles.  Cone ink has better than OEM gloss.  I'm extremely happy with Cone and everyone can consider this my last post on dissecting Cone inks and others...

Bob P.

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