A Hawk In Beautiful Morning Light Captured by the SX50

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Re: A couple of Red-tailed Hawk using SX40

jcmarfilph wrote:

VisionLight wrote:

The sun was coming over the hills as I walked out this morning and there about 70 feet up in front of me was a hawk perched in one of my trees. She saw me but didn't flinch, so back inside I went for my SX50. Knowing that she now knew I was around, I hit the zoom assist button before I went back through the door so that I could quickly find her in the EVF and let the camera zoom in. It was a good thing because she only allowed me to take a single shot before off she went, searchng for breakfast. But the subtle golden light was beautiful and she did pose long enough to capture a portrait that I'm pleased with. Hope you like it too.


Nicely done... Here are some of my Red-tailed Hawk shots using SX40

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Wow, those are very sharp images.  Excellent photos.

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