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Re: What will you use the others for?

Teru Rinshou wrote:

Guy Parsons wrote:

So now with E-PL1/E-P3/E-PL5 in the house...

Just curious: now that you have the E-PL5, what roles will the E-PL1 and E-P3 play? Back-up and redundant back-up?

E-PL5 "main" camera with variously Pana 14-45mm, Oly 9-18mm, Sigma 19mm, 60mm macro, 14-150mm (if it is carried alone on some occasions).

E-P3 second camera with mostly Pana 45-150mm (if it works out to be OK) or one of the other lenses if needed for some situation.

E-PL1 retired, should get off my butt and sell it with the Mk1 kit lens, a few bucks should pay for a few filters and a few coffees. Also have other 4/3 lenses to sell so should check those and get them on Gumtree here in Oz.

I'm getting back to where I was with Nikon film gear, a good selection of lenses, then pack an appropriately sized bag with the suitable lenses for the day. Each time out slightly different.

It's just that now after that intermittent unfixable fault with the E-PL1 that I will try to carry two bodies for "important" trips.

Later if the E-PL5 plus E-P3 combination causes too much confusion and button angst then go get two same bodies, whatever they may be.

The E-PL5 (or subsequent) is definitely here to stay as that MySets to Mode dial thing really is what I wanted/needed all along.

Regards........ Guy

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