Shooting indoor with GX1 in iA/iA+ mode Blurry pictures

Started Jan 11, 2013 | Questions thread
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Re: Shooting indoor with GX1 in iA/iA+ mode Blurry pictures

PhotographicPhil wrote:

Unfortunately this isn't just limited to the GX1. My sister bought a G2 on the cheap and only ever uses IA and picture modes. She finds the same problem. My GF3 is the same, although I never use IA mode. I wonder if the latest generation also suffer from this.

Well, I was playing around with my G5 tonight and noticed the following. In IA mode the camera automatically chooses between different flash modes. When the room was quite dark, the camera always select the 'S' flash mode (slow-synch). In this mode it always sets the shutter speed to 1/8. When the room was a bit brighter, it would select the 'A' flash mode and would set the shutter 1/125. It would take more experimentation to see what conditions trigger which mode. I would not be surprised if the GX1 was the same.

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