5D3 and Landscape - settings?

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Re: 5D3 and Landscape - settings?

Here is my take, and I shoot a decent number of landscapes.

1) Only shoot at FULL RAW. PERIOD. You can use +Jpg, but its not needed.

2) Stay on a solid tripod.  Mirror up is best, use a trigger release..etc.

3) Live view will be best, but I will say this, if you are shooting stopped down, and wide (less then 35mm) the AF is fine.. At 5.6-11 (depending on the lens) at 35MM or less, the DOF is SO massive, unless the AF totally messed up, everything will appear sharp.  Of coarse if they is a VERY specefic object you want sharp, different story. Unless you are checking EVERY SHOT, it is easy to mess up with manual. If you have to zoom a little or bump the ring, you are OOF.

4) Find the brightest part of you image that you want to keep, get it to where it just starts to show pure white on the screen. Meaning, if you increased the shutter by 1/3 stop, it no longer shows PURE white on the alert. The reason I do this is that from RAW, you can recover about 1 solid stop over. So if you are right at the 100% line, or 1/3 over, you will not have to pull the shadows to much. Pulling the shadows added A LOT OF noise. But, if you overexpose by more then 1/3 - 2/3, your highlights are TOAST. At ISO 100, you have a nice range is DR.

5) Get a polarizer filter, and learn how to use it.  they are tricky for panoramic images thought

6) When in doubt bracket everything by 1/3 and shoot 5-7 of the same image There is NO way to mess up those unless you are really stupid LOL..

ashimweb wrote:

Have an upcoming trip to national park and at the same time I'm a newbie to 5D mark iii goodness. Looking for some tips on setup.

1) Should I use Landscape mode, another mode or something custom?

2) Also looking forward to bracketing and experimenting with the hdr function. Any experiences with that would be helpful.

3) Manual focus with live view - is this a better workflow for landscape?

4) Any other camera tricks?

Planning to shoot large Raw+Jpeg, manual mode, canon 16-35 II, 24-70 f4 (rental), 50 1.4, and 70-300 f4-5.6. Post Processing in Aperture and Photoshop.

Thank you

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