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Re: Choosing a 3rd party ink

David Seys wrote:

Joe, since you are more experienced than I am with 3rd party ink, do you think Cone's ink (pigment version) is superior than the rest of them out there? Would you use IS ink for wedding photos yourself?

And thanks for the help by the way!

IS is only suitable on Matte or art papers and with custom profiles. I generate them with a X-Rire Colormunki Photo and the resulting images with the IS inks are great. Their MK is very very good. Deep blacks.

However as I said earlier the I.S. Magenta has a much lower gloss qualities so you will see gloss diferential on all but Matte and Art papers.

This is where the CONE pigment inks excel in. However you will pay somewhat more for them than I.S.

CONE pigment K3 and HDR inks are Micro Encapsulated just like their OEM counterparts, and that is one of the features where the extra costs come in.

For one of my PRO3800s with which I only print Matte work I am also using OCP German K3 Inks and with custom profiles I get excellent color and beautiful neutral B&Ws on Matte and Art papers and I would not hesitate to provide my customers with prints made with any of these inks.

Though OCP inks also suffer from lack of Magenta gloss. So again I only print Matte with them but then, I am printing at a cost of around $0.03 per ML with OCP.

My second PRO3800 is runing on CONE K3 DYE inks is reserved for whenever I need to print A2 size images on Glossy / Luster / Sating papers. With a claimed 20-30 year longevity, I see not problem in using them. Even a a good old C Kodacolor Print ( Wet Process ) will not last that long.


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