Besides m4/3, what other system do you own?

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Re: Besides m4/3, what other system do you own?

I've sold my Nikon film camera and lenses. I've sold all of my 43s cameras and lenses. Still have the FL50R and right angle view finder.

I still own some OM gear. A OM2n and a couple OM4Ts with just a couple lenses. These aren't seeing use anymore since I moved back to digital this past year. The little film I shoot I use a Ricoh GR1v.

I've moved completely to m43s now. I have 2xEM-5s, 2xGF1s, one converted to IR. The 20mm has been used 90% of the time since last march, the 14mm 5%. I have purchased a number of lenses, but as my photography has changed I don't really venture outside of 14-25mm.

Overall I own the following lenses: 7.5mm, 9-18mm, 12mm, 12-50mm, 14mm, 14-42mm X, 15mm, 20mm, 45mm, 45-150mm, 75mm.

One E-M5 with the 20mm is with me everyday. Most of the time the second comes along with 14mm. The IR GF1 makes an occasional appearance, most often with the 14-42X lens.

I have found that the images out of most of the compact cameras is different enough it causes me more work during processing. What I'd like most is a 35mm GRD, but nothing out there really attracts me at the moment. (The RX1 looks neat, except it's about 4x more than I'm willing to spend on it)  Full frame cameras are just too large. I wouldn't carry them around. Most tempting would be the 6D with the 40mm pancake.

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