Pls. help choose: K-01 vs Canon G1X vs Sony rx100

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Re: Pls. help choose: K-01 vs Canon G1X vs Sony rx100

I had my G1 X stolen and replaced it with a K 01.

The K 01 is faster (with the newest firmware) and has much better image quality at all ISO. The sensor is larger and better fundamentally. It's the same basic item as found in the D7000, K5 and Pro 1.

The Canon software is better. If you shoot manually the Pentax's broken histogram, and lack of exposure preview, is annoying.

The Canon's lens is excellent but slow. Very sharp but Bokeh is almost impossible. It's very poor as a macro lens too.

Pentax has great lenses but the best ones - the limiteds - are pricey. On a positive note if you buy the limited lenses designed to cover a full-frame sensor your investment won't be lost when you upgrade.

The Canon's optical viewfinder is a joke. You'll never use it.

The Canon's tiltable screen is a real advantage which I miss.

The build quality of the Pentax is higher buy a significant amount.

I also looked at the Sony. I've owned many Sony compacts. It's by far the best compact solution - the others are bag-able but not pocketable. The Sony also shoots faster. If speed and size are the deciding factors buy the Sony. If quality is the key the Pentax wins hands-down. The Canon is hard to recommend against the others unless its tilting screen and cruddy tunnel OVF are must-have items.

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