The Orange and Green NEW indiactors ???

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Simon -- Re: The Orange and Green NEW indiactors ???

Simon Joinson wrote:

Vernon D Rainwater wrote:

I posted my inquiry (using feedback) a few days ago but have not received any type of reply which may be logical considering the other more pressing Dpreview priorities.

I would like to know the conditions where either Green NEW or Orange NEW is displayed beside various posts. Originally, when only one NEW this indicated that (the viewer, me) has not read this specific post. Then when read, the NEW no longer appeared.

Presently, some are Green and some are Orange and others which I have not read will not have any type of NEW indication.

In fact, any that have either color NEW does not seem to disappear even after reading the post.

Will someone (that knows the details) please explain.

They're the same as they've always been: red is new since your last visit, green is new since your last session started (i.e since you arrived) - unless the last post is over 12 hours ago (from memory) in which case it's not new by any definition.

We dropped these labels in the redesign, then brought them back because a lot of people asked (they are kind of redundant IMO).

The white dots to the left of the subject tell you whether you've read some - or all - of the posts in a thread.

Note that you didn't get a reply because we were all at CES (and before that on our xmas break when we basically close shop for 2 weeks).


Simon, I have observed the NEW indicators for a day or so (after your reply) and this brings up a question as to when are the NEW indicators changed (or dropped) after I open and review a post.  They seem to still be present as NEW even after closing down Dpreview and reopening it and review the same Thread and same posts.

I will appreciate your help regarding this.

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