Newtown Police outgunned by Lanza

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Re: Newtown Police outgunned by Lanza

Agree about the "tactics"....however the police weren't "out gunned" in this case because the crime/conflict wasn't a direct confrontation between the police and the suspect/criminal.

Budget cuts....I agree that can have a huge impact but I seriously doubt it had anything to do with the comments made by the Chief of Police.   He used the weapons to make a statement that is in accordance to that being made by our President and other politicians that share the same political ideas.

Law Enforcement was "late" to the weapon's game, and vast changes in were made following the Feb. 1997 "North Hollywood Bank Robbery Shootout".    This particular department and it's "leader" that made the comment about the suspect being more heavily armed possibly revealed he and his department have failed to react, update, and improve their own tactics.

There is no excuse the police aren't using tools/guns that will at the very least give them equal footing....and then the "tactics" can take over.   And the reality of it all is that the vast majority of those killed yearly throughout the U.S. are NOT killed by these so called evil "Assault Rifles" with 30 rounds stuffed in their magazines.   I prefer to think of weapons such as the AR-15 as being "Anti-Assault" weapons...and when in the hands of the police they help stop those using them as an "assault" weapon.

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