Metabones speed booster + focus peaking

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love_them_all Senior Member • Posts: 2,779
Re: Metabones speed booster + focus peaking

hexxthalion wrote:

if you're after Leica R lenses be quick and get as many as you can, Leica will release soon new M and there are already quite a few people who started to collect R lenses.

Perhaps only on a few wide angle and normal lenses (and zooms). Anything longer than 135 you really need a steady hand or a tripod to pin point focus. The lack of AF, IS, along with impatient, lack of skill users the demand for MF tele would remain low. Oh, and not to mention those prices!

I hope Leica would reintroduce the R lenses in other mounts like Zeiss does! IF the demand is showing a pulse.

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