Know Digitalcamerabattery packs, I have a ?

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Re: Another question

Duncan, you are most generous with your knowledge and time. Thanks for the idea to recondition my DCB unit should it need it. I just may reconsider purchasing the cord if it would be compatible with the SB900 flash. I already have two of the SD-9 which I'm guessing are a more recent model of power packs. I tried your link but Safari said couldn't open and Firefox wouldn't even click. I wonder what might be the difference between the 8A and 9.

I'm guessing you have the knowledge for this one. When I went digital I learned that it was necessary not to sink my studio type strobe units directly to my camera via the usual PC cord for it could fry the camera. I bought a Wein sinc adapter that sits on the camera, in my case D700 hot shoe. I'm wondering if newer type studio strobes are upgraded as to not mess with the electronics of digital cameras. I would think the camera manufactures would have made an in camera protection device, like the adapter I'm using, so that any studio strobe could be directly connected to any digital camera that had a built in sync. Maybe by looking at the size of my adapter that it would take too much mass.  How is it that my studio strobe packs, 800w/s full power, can be harmful if I were to attach it just as I did with my film cameras? Do you have any thoughts on this?

Again many thanks.

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