Honestly, does the LX7 produce yellow blobs in low-light?

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Re: Honestly, does the LX7 produce yellow blobs in low-light?

RedDog Steve wrote:

walkaround wrote:

RedDog Steve wrote:

Absolutely ridiculous statements. Do you even have an LX5 ?

No, I don't. I have an LX7, and I spent the time to learn how to use it correctly. You say your ISO 1600 night shots from a pocket camera were unusable, as if this were some kind of revelation or scandal that you have uncovered. Who's 'ridiculous'?

I could be seen as having ridiculous expectations if the LX5 was being marketed as a pocket camera.
But it was billed as a high end "premium enthusiast compact".
Lucky I didn't go for the Leica version

I will admit the performance was impressive right up until I met the limitations of presumably the small size or technology (CCD) of the sensor.
As I said earlier I will keep the LX5 (or possibly replace it with the LX7, XZ-2 or MX-1).
The close focus ability is amazing and I need something small for those times when the GX1 kit is too much.

I'm still curious though for the answer to the OP.
What is the low light (high ISO) limit for the LX7 (etc) for reasonable expectations for image quality ?
At what ISO does the noise become intolerable and what is its character if not yellow blotchy-ness ?


There have been no threads on yellow blotchy-ness for the LX7, to my knowledge. That problem is related only to the LX5. The noise pattern on the LX7 is more even. That said, noise is definitely visible in photos of the sky at higher ISOs.

If you do want to do some sort of analysis, at the very least use a tripod shot for judging the LX7 night photos or you will falsely attribute problems to the camera that are attributable to handshake.

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