A few thoughts on David Busch's E-M5 Book, and diminished brain capacity.

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Re: Of course; if your computer is outside the US, many times books will not show up.

cfh25 wrote:

The crazy thing with Amazon is that although I'm in Spain, I buy the majority of my goods from Amazon UK but couldn't buy a Kindle from them. Had to get it from Amazon US and have an account there. I've emailed David Busch to see if he can sort it out - assume it some copyright or commercial issue

Each retailer decides whether to offer a particular book in their country, even if they are a division of a US company.  It takes awhile for a book that's available on Amazon US to be listed on Amazon.uk.  And forget about Amazon.es or Amazon.de.

Publishers certainly *want* books sold as widely as possible and offer them everywhere; it's just a matter of signing agreements with retailers and distributors.  My Kindle books vanished for awhile until Amazon finally agreed to a renewed deal with the publisher.


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