A few thoughts on David Busch's E-M5 Book, and diminished brain capacity.

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Re: I wasn't planning

MatsP wrote:

Those links are excellent, but it's nice to have it in a book and be able to sit in my favorite chair and have some good reading... I've ordered the book anyhow.

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Virtually all human knowledge is available somewhere on the Internet, which is a good thing.  But we'll continue to have books, too, as long as people would rather sit down and browse rather than spend even more hours staring at a computer screen.  All this processing technology, and, as the guy said, the most time is spent looking at funny pictures and videos of cats, and getting into arguments with people we've never met.

In my book, though, a Kindle book counts as a book.  I still like hardcopy books for non-fiction books heavy with illustrations, but I buy very few novels for anything other than a Kindle these days.


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