HD Card Use questions from someone new to digital

Started Jan 18, 2013 | Discussions thread
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BennyKingston Regular Member • Posts: 166
HD Card Use questions from someone new to digital

Coming over from film to a NEX 5N I just started using HD cards. I only have the Sandisk 16MB Extreme card right now at up to 45MB ps speed.

I have some newbie questions if you would be so kind.

I am going to London and taking 2-32MB Sandisk extreme cards, plus the 16 I already have. I am not taking a laptop with me unfortunately.

1) Do people switch between cards without any problems? Lets say I want to use the 16MB card for video only and the 32's for photos. Can I switch back and forth without causing problems?

2) Does the camera call for re-formatting automatically every time you place a card in it? No matter if there are files on it?

3) Is there somewhere that tells you how much space is left on the card?

4) Since I'm not bringing a laptop......There is an internet/business center that I use frequently in London that says they can burn cd-r's from hd cards.

I would like to do this as a backup but don't want to risk them screwing up or corrupting a card, or worse bricking my camera in some way if I use the USB cord.

How safe is this idea of burning cd-r's at an internet center?

5) Also does re-formatting a used full card once the files have been backed up, lessen or cause problems with the life of the card, or its performance?

Thanks for any help

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