E-PL5 - eight things I don't like about you.....

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Re: E-PL5 - eight things I don't like about you.....

jimoyer wrote:

Buttons: Definitely different, but I personally like them and their placement better than the E-PL2.

Yes, I think I can get used to them quickly, the playback & trash buttons on the left makes much more sense.

Battery/Card Door: You do know that if you open it, and move it to the far end of the "flop", it will then extend just slightly farther and lock out of the way and not flop at all?

Yes, I realise that, but why not have a simple spring that pops it right open anyway, seems a weird change to me. It's the initial floppiness after having decent doors with a bit of hold-open friction that annoys. Little things I know but it all adds up.

Charger: The same as the E-PL2 charger I have. Not sure when they changed it, but I could also care less what color the LED is.

Probably have five different ways that chargers from various cameras behave in the house now, so it's hard to know what's what. No real logic in the whole charger scene from whatever Chinese company who pumps these things out.

One thing mentioned about the rear screen above. To date I've been inside the house and no problems, but just now walked out into the blazing Aussie sun (it will hit 40 C today) and darn it, the screen was impossible, worse than the E-PL1 it seems. Next job is to take E-PL1 & E-P3 & E-PL5 outside and side by side see which looks best.

I really do wonder about camera and screen makers, do they ever take their products outside to see how they work in sunlight?

Regards...... Guy

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