Gees, NEX-7 and BIF's with 18mm on the kit lens. In awe !!

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Re: Gees, NEX-7 and BIF's with 18mm on the kit lens. In awe !!

Nice thread, Danny.

Since I got my 5R a couple of weeks ago I've been saying that my old 18-55 has been transformed into a very good lens! I believe this lens also had a firmware update. That's why the images are so very good at 18 mm.

Steve Huff posts the 7 update notification but at the same time, there were updates for the 5r, 6, cameras and the 18-55, 24, and 45-200 and 18-210 lenses.

This for the 7 only from Steve Huff:

Download the new NEX-7 Firmware Update Version 1.01

Well it seems that Sony has listened to the requests of the NEX-7 shooters and delivered a firmware update for their cameras! You can download the update HERE.

What will this firmware fix do?

Addition of capability to enable or disable the MOVIE button!

Addition of exposure settings of bracket shooting (three frames /1.0EV,2.0EV, 3.0EV)

Improvement of response for showing auto review image.

Improvement of image quality when using a wide-angle lens!!

Improvement of indication when setting “Flexible Spot”.

I just bow downloaded this update for my NEX-7 as I have been waiting as well! Thanks Sony!

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