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Re: Here's An L Size X10 RAW Processed in RFC - is there much difference?

Trevor G wrote:

timo wrote:

Trevor G wrote:

I use RAW all the time with my X10, and use Silkypix as well. There is absolutely no problem using RAW if you use Silkypix and shoot M size.

If you shoot L size then more work is involved getting sharpness right.

Trevor, this last statement is an example of the 'skirting around' I mentioned in an earlier post. No matter how much you fiddle around with the sharpness when converting an X10 raw file with a third-party converter, you will not extract the full measure of sharp detail, as compared with OOC jpegs. That is my only point. Do you disagree with it or not? I don't need to post examples when the DPReview resolution test makes the case so clearly.

Maybe the dpreview resolution test, like some of their other tests involving RFC/Silkypix is not accurate? Maybe it's actually wrong?

You feel very strongly that you are right, so I'll post an L size image from dpreview so you can tell me whether I nailed it or not.

Is there a major advantage in favour of the OOC JPEG? A minor advantage? Can you even see the difference?

Maybe you have read too much about the problem without actually trying for yourself...

Hard to tell them apart. Now I'm not sure which is which!

I have no view one way or another on the positive comments you make on other aspects of Sikypix - I don't like using SP, but that's subjective. And I am conducting no vendetta against the X10 in general. In every other respect I like it.

Then dust it off and give it a scrub, and try it out again. I'll help you get the results you want.

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Trevor G
Silkypix tutorials at:

Trevor, I have looked at these and I have to say there is a difference, and on my iMac screen I don't have to go to 100% view to see it. The edges on the SP RAW conversion are really messy. KL has demonstrated that in his animated gif - but you can see the different dramatically also if you look at the edge of the sloping tubular rail.

I appreciate your trying, but you haven't made me a convert yet!


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