E-PL5 - eight things I don't like about you.....

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Re: E-PL5 - eight things I don't like about you.....

Roberto Angelo wrote:

Dear Guy,

Not sure I understand the problem with the USB port. One of the reasons I was thinking of moving from the e-pl1 to the e-pl5 was the lack of a remote cable option with the e-pl1. Is this still a problem?

The USB port is quite OK when using kosher Olympus USB cables, the two that came with the camera for audio/video and the other for PC connection slip in and out just fine.

The problem is that third party cables as I found on the Hahnel remote just are too tight and usually fall apart when taking them out again. I need to get away from the computer and do some accurate measuring to see why it causes problems.

Anyway the touch screen focus/shoot is totally marvellous and removes the need for remote cables when on a tripod - just add some anti-shock delay for safety and a light touch of the screen causes no shake problems.

I bought the Hahnel radio remote for the intervalometer function and some other nice features, so will now have to sort out that tight plug.

Very interested in hearing of your experiences with the new camera.


Despite the whining above I do like the camera and later will produce a list of things I do like. It is definitely a more modern camera than the E-M5 and has some nice additions over that camera.

Regards..... Guy

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