A99 worthy over A77?

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Re: A99 vs A77, pros and cons

William Porter wrote:


Yep, I believe it!

300mm on a full frame = 300mm on an APS-C sensor. That I understand. I use the word "reach" loosely and perhaps in way that sounds like I think something magical's happening, or like I think the lens on the APS-C has a magnifying or telescoping effect. I don't think that.

Ok, ok agreed

But on the A77, the sensor's 24MP are used to capture a smaller angle of view. It's not like taking the same shot with an A99 and simply cropping it. Because when you crop the 24MP capture from the A99, you don't end up with 24MP. Of course, you have to have a good enough lens to get good detail on the A77. But if you're capturing a smaller amount of the scene with the same number of pixels, you're getting finder detail. If this weren't the case, everybody would but a full-frame camera and one 35mm lens and just crop.


Well you got it, but if I'm not wrong, I would like to add just one point if you need to enlarge your photo as a poster: according to the fact you have to stay further away from your target. by the same 1,5 factor to having the same framing as a FF (with the same lens), hand to hand it's like you have only 16MP of a 'real resolution' with a 24 MP APS-C (for a fair comparison with a 24 MP FF sensor). The only advantage here is not finest details but smoother grid of noise imho.

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