Does your heartbeat move your lens heldheld ?

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Re: Does your heartbeat move your lens heldheld ?

Central Fla wrote:

Thanks All,

I am over fifty and take a lot of medication and I do have heavy heartbeats. I have been trying to find a more stable position for standing handheld shots, it had seem that I was waivering more than usual. I have even become comfortable with a strange method of putting the 70-200 in my left palm turned up, elbow tucked into my body ( yes closer to my heart). If some of you are watching for this, do not expect to see a pulse type movement through the lens. It is more of a subtle de-stabilizing movement that can actually move me in a circular motion as I try to compensate. It appears more (to me) as if i was shooting in a slight wind, but in the end my heartbeat was the cause.

Have you thought of (or tried) a "chest-pod" or a "belt-pod" approach ?

Have a Slik Mini Pro II small tripod (extends to a maximum of around 1.0 Foot when the legs are extended, but not spread-out) that I have used as a "chest-pod" (using the LCD screen as preview, where it exists at around 1.0 Foot from my eyes, which is the about the closest that my eyes can focus on the LCD screen). Brace the joined tripod legs in the general region of one's sternum.

Have a mono-pod (that collapses to around 1.5 Feet in length) which I have used as a "belt-pod" with success. Brace the mono-pod on belt, or in the general region of one's waist.

Both of the above approaches will require that a pan/tilt ball-head exist on top of the "pods" (in order to adjust the camera angle relative to the angle of the pods extended out from one's body).

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