3880, which carts, which inks?

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Re: 3880, which carts, which inks?

Thanks for all the replies... So much to learn, so little time!

At LEAST 90% of my printing is on either lustre or glossy paper.  With my 2880, in 4 years, I never put the MK cartridge in the printer.  So, for me, having glosses that match is an important issue.  From what I"m reading here, it sounds like I should stay with the Cone inks even though they're quite a bit more expensive than the Inkowl inks for example...

I noticed the entries about the ink maintenance cartridge...  I went out and looked, and B&H sells the cartridge for $18.  For that price, and the frequency with which I presume it's got to be replaced, I'm not sure it makes sense to even mess with a resetter... BUT, I ALSO found a set of entries in another forum that insists that you can reset the maintenance cartridge counters by powering up the printer with the up-arrow, left-arrow, down-arrow all pressed.  Supposedly this takes you into a different set of menus and you can reset the counter...  I suspect this is inaccurate for the 3880, but I haven't needed to try it...

Anyhow, if I CAN mix-and-match Cone cartridges with OEM ones, and I CAN'T do that with the Inkjetcarts or Inkowl cartridges, it sounds like the $55 difference is negligible because I don't have to change all the carts at the same time...  If my presumption is correct, it sounds like I'd best go with the Inkjetmall carts and stay with the Cone ink - which is what I've been using for several years, and I have a full set of 100ml bottles here...

I haven't printed enough yet this week to know, so yet another question...  The 3880 goes to sleep.  When I start printing, is it smart enough to wake up on it's own or do I NEED to hit the "power" button?  I've been hitting the power button to wake it up, but it SEEMS to cause the printer to do a head cleaning or something.  My maintenance tank WAS at 64% after charging the carts, and now after printing a couple times this week it's at 55%...

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